Learning Phonics Benefits ESL Learners

Do you want to encourage your child to read quickly and accurately in English? Phonics lessons are the best way to do this. Phonics has long been the recommended method for teaching reading and writing of the English language to ESL students. Studies show that when using Phonics, students were able to read and spell better than those taught using alternative methods. Using Phonics, students learn how to identify different letter sounds and then blend them to produce the word. For example, the word “cat"? is composed of three sounds: /c/, /a/ and /t/. When students learn how to pronounce a word very well, they start reading fluently and become better spellers. They become better at reading even when they come across words they have never heard or seen before, often accurately pronouncing them on their first try. Their vocabulary also increases. Because of all these, students learn new words independently and read more confidently.